Granite Slabs & Tiles

Our range of granite stones can be slabs, tiles, cut to size, countertop, paving stone etc. Widely used for wall, floor, square, street, office building etc which is available in various finishes that include Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush-Hammered and many more.

Slabs and Tiles are any sizes and thickness .

Our Website is not presenting details of the products. If you would like to get any further information, please send us your enquiry and we will be in touch with you.

SL White ( Light Grey)Granite Big Slabs SL White ( Light Grey )With High Quality SL Tile With Top Polish SL Paving With Top Flamed
PM White ( Light Grey) Gang saw PM White ( Light Grey) Slab PM Tiles With Top Polish PM Paving Flamed
PC Violet (Lilac) 60/70x200-300x2cm,Top Polished PC Violet (Lilac) Slabs With Top Polished PC Violet ( Lilac) Tile PC Violet with top Flamed
BD Yellow Cut-to-size Slab Yellow Slabs Top polished with Best Quality Yellow Tiles with Top Bush-Hammered Yellow Paving with top flamed
GL Pink PC 60/70x200-300x1, 7cm, Top Polished GL Pink Slab Pink Polished Pink Granite With Top Flamed
BD Red Granite BD Red step Granite With Top Polished Red Granite cut-to-size Tile With Top Flamed
SH Dark Grey Top Polished Haft Slab Dark Grey with Top Flamed Dark Grey Paver with Top Flamed
PY Black Tiles with Top Polished PY Black Slabs with Best Quality PY Cut-To- Size Slabs PY Black tile flamed 30
XL Black Slabs 60 x200-300x1,7cm, Top Polished XL 30X60X3cm Tiles XL Black Tiles Bush Hammered XL Tile With Top Flamed

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